Quarantine Cuisine – Do’nut Pass Me By! (part 1)

The Donut or doughnut, however you choose to spell it, is perhaps my favorite food group, just behind bacon.  The one handed, treat of the Gods (not confirmed) has been around, in the US, since the early 1800’s.  Today, you’ll find a cornucopia of variations, fillings, shapes and donut shops. Road To Plate will highlight some local and maybe not so local donut shops and their sometimes, unique take this American treat and what makes me Drive.Stop.Eat


Long’s Bakery

Considered by many to be the Godfather of all donuts in Indy, Long’s was established in 1955 by founders Carl and Mildred Long. Long’s has been a personal institution of mine, since my teens, as I went to church just a few blocks away.  Just as true, as passing the offering basket during service, an after-church visit was expected for warm glazed yeast and cinnamon fries.  Long’s produces a host of other items such as Long Johns (I guess they would have too), cake donuts, brownies, cookies and traditional cakes. All their staff wear traditional bakery whites and personally know many of their patrons by name.  Though the glazed yeast is by far most fans favorite, I’m definitely a Cinnamon Fry guy.  Moderately iced and with a cinnamon spiced dough make this perfect.  The glazed cake usually rounds out my purchase.

Prices are fantastic and I don’t remember when they’ve ever had a price increase. Just under $7 got me nine donuts.

Cinnamon Fry, Glazed Cake & popular Glazed Yeast

Lines are always long, often draping outside the door and cars are often jockeying for the few street spots, in front of the store.  A word to the wise…with long lines, you have plenty of time to decide what you want…..be ready to order; and remember it’s Cash Only!




Rise ‘n Roll

Rise-n-Roll came highly recommended by several friends and to you….RnR did not disappoint. Rise n Roll is an Amish style bakery with several locations throughout the state. Some of those double as both bakery and deli. Based in Middlebury, Indiana, Rise offers an assortment of donuts, danish, muffins and cinnamon rolls. You find an array of other products such as pasta and breads.  Back to the donuts. I opted for a few different options; their classic Cinnamon Caramel, Traditional Glazed Yeast, Lemon Custard, Jelly, Bavarian filled and Apple Fritter.

Jelly Filled, Caramel Lemon, Cinnamon Caramel & Bavarian Cream

Prices are on par with most upper tier donut shops. Two bottled OJ’s and donuts set me back about $14.  Although all donuts (I didn’t eat them all myself) had excellent taste and texture, I did find the abundance of powdered sugar just a touch much. Now I love some sugar but found myself knocking off a little before each bite. Be forewarned, brace yourself and clothing for a big dust off. Very Cafe Du Monde like.  Both the Lemon custard and Bavarian were atypical as having a very light and airy custard. The lemon let you know but didn’t overbear.  The Bavarian, was extremely light, which I loved. So many times, some Bavarians can be too much.  The Cinnamon Carmel was my favorite. It hit with just the right amount of cinnamon to dough ratio.  I didn’t feel like I was taking some type of “how much cinnamon you can eat challenge on Youtube”. I’m looking forward to my next visit!


Carl’s Donuts and Bakery

Decorative interior

Glazed Yeast, Iced Red Velvet and Vanilla Cake

Just a little over six weeks ago, Carl’s Donuts and Bakery brought to Avon a much needed local bakery. They’ve already become a fixture to the area by providing sweet treats to many healthcare facilities and local law enforcements. Taking care of those that take care of us, is always top billing. I’v been clamoring for a place that I can get my quick donut fix, so was excited to finally give them a try. You’ll find their interior extremely welcoming and friendly. Great staff and a warm decorative seating area.  Pristine white bakers uniforms, shinny equipment and real-time POS training all led to the familiar look of a brand new establishment.  Anyone in food service can relate to that feel.

I opted for their traditional glazed yeast, red velvet and iced caked donuts. The day I visited, they were down in inventory but understandably supply deliveries have effected everyone and bakers are using what they have at the moment. The glazed yeast was the star of this visit.  It had a very traditional fry crisp and airy center.  The glaze wasn’t too sweet and gave a very familiar taste….dare I say a bit like a Long’s yeast.  I did feel both the red velvet and vanilla cake fell a bit short. An ample thick dip of icing really masked the cake itself and I was left wanting more from the red velvet. That chocolate finish normally associated with a red velvet was missing. Prices are fair, an $8 total got me these donuts and a cream cheese iced cinnamon roll. I’ll attribute most of this to both a fairly new opening and our current state of affairs, so I hope that over a short time, my next visit will build upon a good start already. Always support your local mom and pops!

Look forward to part 2 when I check out Tim’s Bakery, Red’s Donuts and Hilligoss Bakery.


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